Before purchasing light tower hire you must take into account that they have many benefits. Most of the light towers have wheel but some of the towers are attached to various type of transportation vehicles. The entire light tower has the feature of high efficient light, and resistance to shock, weather resistance, compressed design that lets efficient storage and transportation. Portable lighting towers provide a lighting solution for the areas where there is no chance for fixed lights or where there is no electricity or shortage of electricity like industrial and construction sites. Some of the portable light towers have the ability to produce up to five times more light using the same amount of energy. Here are some of the top three benefits of a portable lighting tower that are as follows:

  • Quick and easy set up and transport: Because of their portability light towers can be brought to any site or work place. They can provide intense light in very short period of time because they are very easy to setup. They have the ability to move one place to another very quickly.
  • High light capacity: Portable light towers have the ability to generate five times more light than the fixed light towers by using same amount of energy. To reach full intensity they just take only three minutes. The portable light towers don’t create dark spots and have enhanced level of brightness.
  • The added power benefit: The main benefit that portable light towers provide, that they consume less fuel at an average of 4 liters of fuel is consumed for every two running hours. Most impotently they are not expensive to buy.

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