I Gotta Know

images (42)I love to learn. I read voraciously, always have since I was a little girl. I pay attention to people, to things in the world, to what is happening. I was raised by parents who valued learning, and I adopted their philosophy. You might be thinking- that is great, so what? Here is the thing, the drive to know can also be limiting.

I am so driven to know that when I make a mistake, I get upset with myself. I am much better about it after years of practice but it is still an unconscious automatic reaction to my mistakes (I am OK with other’s mistakes, as long as they fess up and fix them!). I am limited because I don’t like open-ended questions, and I stop discovering as soon as I have ‘the’ answer.

I am really committed to empowering people and especially women. I have this notion that we, together, can end the gender gap both in pay and influence, in my lifetime. Everything seems aligned for this- it is a hot topic. And I am still committed to that.

However, when I start asking a question, without answering it-the question of ‘What is really possible if women everywhere are empowered?” the playing field gets much bigger. Just imagine what IS possible. I have no idea, and most of us don’t. What I do know is if we are willing to keep asking the question and then taking action as we see the actions there are to take, we will end the gender gap and probably so much more. I am really excited and… a bit intimidated, but I figure I am not alone and together, we can do so much.

Is there something that is important to you, where you have stopped imagining what is possible? If that is the case for you, I invite you to start asking new questions, start having conversations, start taking action and see what happens!