The signage has an extensive history and a significant presence in human civilization. Signage is in use in one form or another starting from ancient human civilizations. Earlier use of signage is for communication purposes or to share the instructions. Pictorial signage was used in the past, to communicate messages. As pictures are believed as a universal language and can easily be understood, so earlier signage contains pictorial messages. Signage was used on pathways and roads to communicate the directions initially. At that time widespread use was in for retail outlets. The earlier signage was made of stone and words or pictures crafted on them. After this, Wood was the main component to make signage boards, and they were once the exclusive material used for making decent signage. Iron signage was also is used, in later ages, but they are typically heavy and are inconvenient to install.

 In the 19th century with the advent of modern materials like acrylic, plastic, neon lights, etc. They can be used for making signage in various shapes and colors. After the inclusion of these materials, there is a rapid increase in the use of signage. Presently signage is imperative for any commercial or residential entities. Even now the topmost use of signage is in retail outlets, hotels, and office buildings. Nowadays, Office signage is in popular use, and they provide identity to the company as well. Companies design their signage to depict their identity, business motto, and logo. Designing office signage is a critical marketing practice of a company as this signage will additionally serve the purpose of company branding. It will provide a distinctive look to the signage, and also made it stand out. 

Especially, multinational companies that have their offices in different countries and regions. They always strive to design exclusive office signage, which can provide a distinctive edge among other companies. As by seeing office signage, people can perceive the business nature, exclusivity and business objective of the company. These companies prioritize putting office signage out of their buildings, so the building can be seen as an entity of the respective company. By seeing these office signage Melbourne in different regions or countries, people can also feel an association with the same company as they feel for those in their native country. 

In designing office signage, companies demonstrate different techniques or material to give it a standout look. As many companies use pictures of just their logo, for example, Apple Inc. Apple uses its Apple Logo for their office buildings or retail outlets as its logo has a strong brand entity and association among people. People can clearly identify apple acquire property, by looking at the signage and this also works as a marketing technique, to attract loyal customers or clients. They always strive to design exclusive office signage which can provide a distinctive edge on other companies. 

This can be easily concluded that office signage not used for identification of a property, but it also works as a marketing tool to provide the company an exclusivity among others.